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Полнач NRG+ за ASUS 19V 3.42A 5.5*2.5mm

Заменски адаптер NRG+ 65W 5.5x2.5mm конектор за лаптоп ASUS

750,00 ден 750,00 ден 750.0 MKD

440,02 ден

  • Garancija
  • Конектор
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This combination does not exist.

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Гаранција 6 месеци
Бесплатна испорака за износ над 2.500ден
Испорака за еден ден!

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Компатибилни модели (некои од):

    • M24 M52 N1 R1 S1 S6 S9 
    • SW1 VBI, U1E, U1F, U2E, U6E
    • A2L A3A A3Ac A3E A3FC A3H A3L A3N A3VC A3VP A5E, A5EB, A5EC A6F A6JC A6JM A6KT A6M A6N A6Ne A6Rp A6T A6TC A6U A6Vc A8E, A8F, A8FM, A8H, A8He, A8Jr, A8M
    • A9Rp B50A F2F F2JE F3F F3H F3Jm F3Jv F5M F5N F5R F5RL F6E F9E F9F F9J L2E L34 L34C L3C L3S L4E L4R M2A M2C M2E M2N M2Ne M24A M24E M24N M3NP M3N M52A M52Ae
    • K40 K40AB K401 K40IN K42F K50IJ K50IN K52F K52JB
    • K555L K555LA K555LB K555LD K555LN
    • M6A M6BN M6BNe M6N M6Ne M6R M6V N10E N10J N10Jc R1E R1F S1N S13N S6F S6Fm S96F VBI U1E U1F U2E U50G U5A U50A U5F U50F U6E U8A U80A U81A U8V U80V UL20 UL20A M2000 M2400n
    • UL30V UL50 UL50V UL80 UK80V UL80A UX50v V6J V6V V6Va V68 V68V W1Ga W1Gc W1N W1Na W3A W3N W3Z W3V W5A W5Ae W5F W5Fe W5Fm W6A W6F W6FP W7F X50GL
    • V6 V68
    • W1 W3 W5 W6 W7
    • X5 X50RL X51H X51L X51R X51RL X551C X550 X50 X55 X55U X70
    • X552E X552EA X552C X552CL
    • ASUS X54 X54H X54HR
    • X751 X751L X751LA
    • Asus X501A X501U X301A
    • ASUS S451 S46E S551L X551MA U3000 Series
      ASUS X502 X502C X502CA-SB91 X502CA-XX133H X502CA-TS31 X502CA-BI30801C
      ASUS X54C-BBK5 X54C-ES91 X54C-NS92 X54L-BBK2
      ASUS X53S X56S X58Le X58C X59SR

    • Z33A Z61A A61Ae Z63A Z70A Z70N Z70Ne Z70V Z70Va Z71A Z71V Z71Vp Z84F Z91A Z99f Z99H Z99N Z99J Z33 Z35 Z61 Z63 Z70 Z71 Z84 Z9 Z91 Z92 Z93 Z96

Компатибилни ознаки:

SADP-65NB BB, 0300-7003-2078R, 0335A1965, 90-N6APW2000, 90-N6APW2004, ADP-65DB, ADP-65DB B, ADP-65DB REV.B, ADP-65HB BB, ADP-65JH BB, ADP-65GD B ADP-75SB B, EXA0703YH, PA-1650-48, PA-1650-02, PA-1650-64, PA-1650-66, PA-1900-04, S96F, S96FM VBI, SADP-65KB B, SADP-65NB AB, SADP-65NB BB, PA-1500-02, CP500585-002, ADP-65BW B, ADP-65DW-B, AD887320, 010LF, EXA1203YH, PA-1650-78, ADP-65AW A, ADP-65GD B, EXA1208EH

Specifications for Полнач NRG+ за ASUS 19V 3.42A 5.5*2.5mm

Laptop Batteries
Garancija 6 meseci
Laptop punjači
Конектор 5.5*2.5
Моќност 65W
Напон 19V
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