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Полнач NRG+ за Asus UltraBook UX21 UX31 UX32 19V 2.37A 4.0*1.35mm

NRG+ заменски полнач за лаптоп ASUS Ultra Book - 45W, конектор - 4.0x1.35mm

649,00 ден 649,00 ден 649.0 MKD

571,65 ден

  • Garancija
  • Конектор
  • Моќност
  • Напон

This combination does not exist.

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Гаранција 6 месеци
Бесплатна испорака за износ над 2.500ден
Испорака за еден ден!

Punjač se prodaje bez naponskog kabla 

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Заменски полнач за ASUS UltraBook 

  • Излезен напон 19V
  • Излезна струја 2.37А
  • Конектор 4.0x1.35mm (надворешен х внатрешен дијаметар)

Напомена - полначот се продава без напонски кабел! 

Kонектор 4.0x1.35mm



Kомпатибилни ознаки:

  • 90-XB34N0PW00000Y, ADP-45W ADP-45AW, N45W-01AD890026 PA-1330-39 EXA1206EH EXA1206UH ADP-33AW C, X542

    AD883020 AD883J20 AS19237E, AD891M21 type 13412, type 010K-3LF, 121505-11, ADP-40TH A, EXA1206CH, 0A001-00330100

Koмпатибилни модели*

  • For Asus ZenBook UX21A

    For Asus ZenBook BX21A

    For Asus ZenBook BX31A

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-DB5x

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-1AK1

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-1AK3

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-K1009X

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-K1009V

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-R5102H

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-R7102F

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-R7202F

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-K1010v

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-K1010H

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-K1009H

    For Asus ZenBook UX21A-K1004v

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-1AR4

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-1AR5

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-1AR7

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-AB71

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-AB72

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-BHI5T11

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-BHl5N53

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-DB51

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-DB51-CB

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-DB52

    For Asus ZenBook UX31A-DB71

    Asus ZenBook UX31A-DB72

  • ASUS UX331UN UX331U UX331

  • Asus Eee PC F201E Serie 
    Asus VivoBook X202E Serie 
    Asus Eee PC F210E Serie
    Asus VivoBook X201E Serie
    Asus VivoBook S200E Serie
  • ASUS X541 X541U X541UA X541S X541SA
  •  ASUS X553
    • X553M
    • X553MA 
    • X553MA
  • ASUS X540
    ASUS X540LA
    ASUS X540SA
    ASUS X540SA-SCL0205N
    ASUS X540SA-XX018D
    ASUS X540SA-XX012T
    ASUS X540SA-XX048T
    ASUS X540SA-BPD0602V


Zenbook / Ultrabook BX32A Zenbook / Ultrabook UX31A Zenbook / Ultrabook UX360U Zenbook / Ultrabook PRIME UX32A Zenbook / Ultrabook UX31L Zenbook / Ultrabook UX42VS Zenbook / Ultrabook S200 Zenbook / Ultrabook UX32A Zenbook / Ultrabook UX50 Zenbook / Ultrabook UX21A Zenbook / Ultrabook UX32A-R3038H Zenbook / Ultrabook UX52VS Zenbook / Ultrabook UX310UA Zenbook / Ultrabook UX330U

ASUS Transformer Book T300LA

Specifications for Полнач NRG+ за Asus UltraBook UX21 UX31 UX32 19V 2.37A 4.0*1.35mm

Laptop Batteries
Garancija 6 meseci
Laptop punjači
Конектор 4.0*1.35
Моќност 45W
Напон 19V
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